Céad Míle Focal provides a service that is friendly, personal and of the highest standard. The price is reasonable and the work is done in time. Here is an account of the services that are available:

Translation Services: English-Irish and Irish-English

Céad Míle Focal translates a wide range of material. No job is too big or too small! Here are some examples of the kinds of documents that we translate:

  • Annual Reports
  • Statements of Strategy
  • Audited Accounts/Financial Statements
  • Educational material
  • Press Releases
  • Mathematical material
  • Customer Charters
  • Development Plans
  • Language Plans
  • Textbooks for schools
  • Legal and legislative material e.g. bye-laws, statutory instruments, regulations
  • Menus
  • Websites

Proofreading/Editing Services

If your document is already in Irish but you want to bring it up to the highest standard, Céad Míle Focal will be available for proofreading/editing. Céad Míle Focal's editor, Diarmuid Clifford, holds the Accreditation Seal for Editors (awarded by Foras na Gaeilge), a qualification held by only eight editors in total.

Language and Grammar Assistance

Do you need help with thorny grammar questions? Expert assistance is available. You can take out a subscription for three months, six months or a year for grammar advice and expertise from Céad Míle Focal. You also have the option of asking once-off questions. Contact Céad Míle Focal to discuss prices.

In 2016, the Houses of the Oireachtas published Gramadach na Gaeilge: An Caighdeán Oifigiúil(Official Standard for Irish grammar). This replaces the original 1958 Official Standard (and the interim Revised Official Standard of 2012). It is a big challenge for those who write through Irish to get used to these changes. Céad Míle Focal is available to provide expertise and guidance. Whatever your needs are – a group seminar, advice for an individual, answers to questions etc, you can depend on Céad Míle Focal to give you the help you need.

Céad Míle Focal provides a language and grammar consultancy service for organisations and individuals. If you need advice before writing or speaking in Irish, Céad Míle Focal will be available to assist you.

Irish for Businesses

It is a big advantage for Irish-based businesses to use the Irish language. Customers, of course, have many options and something extra is necessary in order to attract them. The use of the Irish language impresses many customers as it shows that the business is not simply a money-making venture but that they have a real interest in people and in the Irish culture.

It is not difficult to give a taste of Irish. Restaurants can provide a bilingual menu. Supermarkets can have bilingual signage. A bilingual website is also very important as that is often people’s main contact point with the business.

Tesco Galway were the winners of Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh 2014, a much sought-after award in Galway, as a result of the big effort that they made to make Irish visible in their supermarket in Galway Shopping Centre. They won a number of wonderful prizes, including an advertising package worth €2,500 from the Galway Advertiser. This award will be of great benefit to them as they seek to attract more customers.

Céad Míle Focal is available to provide a translation service for your business. Contact us now to begin the journey!